Food Stalking: The Best Food & Travel Instagramers to Follow

As hardcore food lovers, we can say without shame that we are totally guilty of food stalking. According to Urban Dictionary, food stalking is the act of observing the tables around you at a restaurant and ordering what the other diners are eating. What Urban Dictionary fails to mention is that there are many places outside of restaurants where one can participate in food stalking. Lately, Instagram has become our favorite place to keep up with what’s happening on the global food scene. So, we thought we’d share what we’re lusting over by making a list of the best food & travel accounts that we’re following.

When we take to Instagram for food stalking, we always get drawn in by world travelers who pay extra attention to local food specialties. To kick off our Food Stalking series, we’ve rounded up the 10 best Instagram accounts to keep you in-the-know with what people around the world are eating. Make sure you follow these globe-trotting foodies!


Who: Mei & Jo, a couple of native Malaysians on the look out for adventure in Kuala Lumpur and beyond.
What: A personal look at Mei & Jo’s adventures, filled with local culture, food and fun!
Where: They’ve covered 30+ countries, about half of which are in Asia.
Why: Something about these two is just plain likable. They share our insatiable sense of curiosity about the world and seem to make the most out of every opportunity they have to explore it. Whether snacking on the streets or out for a 5 star meal, their foodie finds are always drool-worthy.


Follow @ccfoodtravel on Instagram


Who: Jo Yee, a food-loving London expat with a down-to-earth demeanor.
What: A creative mix of food, restaurants, travel and culture, presented in muted tones with moody lighting.
Where: 23 countries across all of the continents, except Antarctica of course.
Why: Jo’s photography has that hauntingly beautiful quality. The way she captures her travels is absolutely stunning. Her feed is a mesmerizing montage of exotic destinations and perfectly styled scenes, seamlessly juxtaposed with snapshots of her everyday life and amazing home cooking.


Follow @candidsbyjo on Instagram


Who: Mark Wiens, food and travel blogger, YouTube personality and the kind of culinary explorer that we should all aspire to be!
What: A dynamic collection of food photos and videos featuring Mark sampling new exotic dishes, plus animated reactions to the things he eats.
Where: Mark is based in Bangkok these days, so foods from his home city and other Asian destinations feature heavily. But being an adventurous spirit, we imagine there’s no destination he’s not interested in visiting!
Why: He’s a man after our own hearts… Mark really encourages his audience to connect with people through food and his travels are jam packed with amazing eats! Browsing through Migrationology’s photos and videos will make you soooooo hungry. But what we love most about following Mark is the genuine passion he brings to connecting with other cultures, his willingness to try just about anything and his vibrant personality!


Follow @migrationology on Instagram


Who: Jennifer Chase, visual storyteller extraordinaire.
What: An elegant mix of food, lifestyle, people and scenery.
Where: Wherever her work as a photographer takes her, so basically, everywhere.
Why: Jennifer’s photos are simply striking. They’ve got an incredibly etherial feel, like they’ve been captured from a dream. It doesn’t matter if she’s snapping photos abroad or at home in Washington D.C., you’ll want to go where she goes, and order what she’s having.


Follow @thejenchase on Instagram


Who: Melissa Hie, a hungry expat turned Instagram sensation.
What: Lots of food – front and center!
Where: 32 countries over 6 continents with extensive travel throughout Asia.
Why: Melissa shoots her subject in its natural habitat. The format she uses is incredibly effective, giving the fare she finds context in a simple way that always gives us major travel-envy. We just can’t get enough of her food selfies!


Follow @girleatworld on Instagram


Who: Alice, a true global citizen and third culture kid.
What: A collection of food and travel photos with just the right amount of urban edge.
Where: Over 400 cities in almost 50 countries.
Why: Alice’s Instagram feed reads like a multi-page spread in a modern lifestyle magazine. At home in Shanghai, Hong Kong, Melbourne, Vancouver, Paris, LA and NYC, her photos feature lots of stylish metropolitan cities. We could spend forever scrolling through the places she wanders and the things she eats.


Follow @gofindalice on Instagram


Who: Amber and Eric, a pair of professional eaters.
What: Straight-up food porn, from all around the world.
Where:They’ve been to over 70 countries already and they’re still going…seriously!
Why: When you look at Amber and Eric’s photos, it only takes a second to realize that these two really like to eat! We’ve long been fans of their candid style, adventurous attitudes and the love of food that floods their Instagram feed.


Follow @withhusbandintow on Instagram


Who: Nathan Aguilera, a global nomad who embarked on a 6 month trip 2.5 years ago and never made it back home.
What: A colorful mix of food, travel and street art photography.
Where: 30+ countries with a focus on wine-rich regions and diving destinations.
Why: Nathan is a man on the hunt for food, and to find it, he pays close attention to what locals are eating. A self-proclaimed mid-range traveler, he has an appreciation for the finer things in life (wine, specifically) but manages to make the most out of his travels without burning through a ton of money.


Follow @foodieflashpacker on Instagram

Who: Johanna & Daniel, Hamburg locals with a passion for street food.
What: As their name implies, lots of street eats!
Where: As Johanna and Daniel live in Hamburg, a lot of the food in their feed is from Germany, but don’t worry, street food in their country is much more diverse than most people imagine it to be.
Why: Although they’ve only recently started posting, we really love what Johanna and Daniel are doing. In addition to the food that they’ve eaten themselves, also features other Instagrammers’ street food finds, local foodie news and even the occasional recipe.


Follow on Instagram


WHO: The Culture Swap Community.
WHAT: Lots of food from our own travels, and, coming soon, a sneak peek at Culture Swap hosts’ own home cooking.
WHERE: Hundreds of cities across 24 countries.
WHY: We may be new to Instagram, but we’re not new to traveling the world in search of authentic local feasts. We’re getting started by sharing some of our past foodie discoveries, but as our community expands around the world, we’ll be featuring more and more of the local dishes that Culture Swap hosts and guests are sharing.


Follow @culture_swap on Instagram

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