If you are looking for a practical approach to communicating in a new language or want to get to know unique cultures beyond your own, you have come to the right place!

Culture Swap was made for locals, expats, travelers and anyone else who is curious about the rich diversity that makes our world so interesting. Too often, travelers and locals occupy the same space without ever interacting on a personal level. An intimate knowledge of local culture is usually reserved for a privileged few. But it shouldn’t be that way. Culture Swap makes it easy for you to get to know the people you share the world with no matter what languages you speak, what your background is or where in the world you are.

By joining our community, you’ll get immediate access to an exclusive network of locals and travelers who want to gain a greater understanding of your culture and are eager to share their own. You can search members by interests, city and more, so not only do you get first hand knowledge of new cultures, you can make new friends along the way! If you’re not ready to meet people yet, you can still follow along on the Culture Swap blog as we share cultural insights, culinary traditions, language learning tips and more.

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